Upcoming Events at T2F and Faraar Gallery

To Karachi With Love – The Art Exhibit
Monday 8th March | 7:00 pm
Details: http://www.t2f.biz/to-karachi-with-love-the-art-exhibit/

Using Social Media to Market Your Business:
A Workshop by Shahjahan Chaudhary

Tuesday 9th March | 6:00 pm

An Evening with Poet and Playwright, Sarmad Sehbai
Wednesday 10th March | 6:30 pm

A Lecture-Demo by Ustad Zafar Ali Khan (Gwalior Gharana)
Friday 12th March | 6:30 pm

T2F is proud to offer lessons in eastern classical and semi-classical singing by Ustad Zafar Ali Khan, a vocalist and composer representing the 28th generation of the Gwalior gharana.
Details: http://www.t2f.biz/eastern-classical-singing-classes

Readings and Conversation with Asif Noorani, Author of “Tales of Two Cities”
Saturday 13th March | 6:30 pm

“Jihad Against Violence” – A One-Act Play by Fawzia Afzal-Khan
Sunday 14th March | 6:00 pm

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  1. Amazing!!!!!!!1

    It must be amazing to know about you.
    I will must visit your gallery, cafe soon.

    Fantastic efforts,
    Thank You for all you people have done.
    Carry on and keep it up!!!

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