Upcoming Events (2nd Oct – 7th Oct 2007)

Tuesday 2nd October – Faiz: Aaj Kay Naam
Join us for a screening of the ETeam’s labour of love – an internationally acclaimed interactive CD-ROM that captures the myriad facets of the revolutionary poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Zaheer Kidvai, the author of the CD-ROM, will present excerpts and highlights and talk about plans for version 2.0.

Wednesday 3rd October – Musadiq Sanwal: Raw & Unplugged
Musadiq Sanwal is a poet, musician, film-maker and journalist based in London. He has an astoundingly beautiful voice and finds instruments utterly distracting. Join us at T2F for a session of powerful, haunting renditions of folk, sufiaana kalaam, bhaktee sangeet, and ghazals.

Saturday 6th October – Compelling Conversations 1
Call to Action
Muneer Malik (Head of the Supreme Court Bar Association) has announced a nation-wide strike call to protest law-enforcement/police brutality against civil society, the lawyers, and the media.

Is this form of protest meaningful in the 21st century? If so, how do we participate? If not, what are the alternatives? How can we ignite a movement to reclaim our rights? This is not about “If not Musharraf, then who?” This is about registering a strong protest and expressing outrage against ongoing crimes inflicted upon civil society and the media.

We would really like to hear sane voices with ideas about how to mobilize using technology, social networking tools, text messaging, design, and the energy of the young and not so jaded. And you know what, being apathetic is so last century. Show up and let’s talk.

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