[Voices Breaking Boundaries] Third Worlds: Third Ward/Karachi

Friday, 23rd December 2011 | 7:00 pm

Third Worlds: site-specific installations at residential spaces re-contextualizing socio-economic constructs underpinning relational parallels between the ethno-geographics of Third Ward, a historic afro-western locality in Houston, and the urban conflictual zone of Karachi, a megapolis of colliding communities located at the southern edge of Sindh, Pakistan.

Writer/Artist Sehba Sarwar, who serves as Artistic Director/Founder of Voices Breaking Boundaries in Houston (USA) will screen a raw documentary by Yunuen Perez Vertti as well as her own video collage at T2F. She will be joined for a panel discussion with Attiya Dawood + Abro Khuda Bux, Ahsan Bari from NRITAAL, and Tehmina Mirza + Sana Nasir from Designers United for a Cause, Karachi (D.U.C.K.).

Third Ward

Sehba will share documentary art and updates about VBB’s most recent living room art production, Third Worlds: Third Ward/Karachi, which explored and juxtaposed issues between Houston’s Third Ward (a historically black neighborhood) alongside work interpreted by Karachi-based artists. The two productions were held in Houston in October and November and Karachi in three residential Third Ward homes. Voices Breaking Boundaries is in the process of creating an interpretive website as well as a full documentary about the productions.

Featured artists included: Attiya Dawood + Abro Khuda Bux, Nathaniel Donnett, Mushtaq Gazdar, Haya Fatima Iqbal, Autumn Knight, NRITAAL, Samya Arif Khan, Tehmina Mirza + Sana Nasir from Designers United for a Cause, Karachi (D.U.C.K.), Robert Pruitt, Sehba Sarwar, M’kina Tapscott.

Date: Friday, 23rd December, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm
Minimum Donation: Anything you like. Please support our vision of intellectual poverty alleviation by donating generously.
Venue: PeaceNiche | T2F
Address | Map

Seats are limited and will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No reservations.

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