Straight Talk – Elections 2008 [Wed 30th & Thu 31st Jan]

Join us at T2F for Straight Talk – Elections 2008, organized by APNA Channel and Helpline Trust.

Up until the late 60s, Pakistan was a strong contender for the position of Asian Tiger but unfortunately, over the years, we have floundered. Various elected representatives have come and gone, emergencies have been declared, and various flavors of martial law have been imposed. Pakistan stumbles from one day to the next, desperately in search of leadership.

Benazir Bhutto has been brutally assassinated, followed by three days of killing, looting, burning and wanton destruction of public and private property. The entire election process has been derailed. Political leaders are making wild accusations and leveling allegations. There is anger, fear, apprehension, confusion, and uncertainty across the entire country.

Do the upcoming elections hold any meaning for the citizens of Pakistan? Do you wonder what our awami leaders plan to do once they are elected? How will the next government tackle the enormous issues of corruption and inequity? How will they rebuild our destroyed institutions, especially the judiciary? How will they curb terrorism and the spread of talibization? How will they introduce the urgent reforms required to improve the quality of life of Pakistani citizens?

What is your message for President Musharraf, the Election Commission, political leaders, and voters? Let’s Talk!

IMPORTANT: These special editions of Straight Talk Pakistan – Elections 2008 will be recorded and televised on APNA Channel. We have space for 50 participants and doors will close after the session begins.

Dates: Wednesday, 30th January and Thursday, 31st January 2008

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