Science Ka Adda: Humans in the Cosmos

Join us at T2F as we explore how 400 years of telescopes have changed the way we look at ourselves

Tuesday, 22nd December 2009 | 6:30 pm

iya_logo_thumb.jpgThere is perhaps no instrument other than the telescope that has so changed fundamental perceptions about humanity and its place in the universe. Galileo, 400 years ago, pointed his telescope skywards and saw an imperfect universe – with blotches on the Sun and craters on the Moon. But his telescope also opened up a universe of objects invisible to the naked eye – such as the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. This was only the start of our journey. Since the time of Galileo, our telescopes have unveiled newborn stars shrouded in gas and dust, planets around other stars, gaseous nebulae containing the building blocks of life, comets crashing into planets, and a universe consisting of hundreds of billions of galaxies.

In this exciting Science Ka Adda session, Salman Hameed will highlight key discoveries, from Galileo and Herschel to the Palomar Observatory and the current Hubble Space Telescope, that have had the biggest impact on the way we look at ourselves and construct our place in the universe.

About Salman Hameed

salman_hameed.jpgSalman Hameed is an astronomer and Assistant Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities at Hampshire College, Massachusetts. Currently, he is working on understanding the rise of creationism in the contemporary Islamic world and how Muslims view the relationship between science and religion. He is also working with historian Tracy Leavelle at Creighton University to analyze reconciliation efforts between astronomers and Native Hawaiians over telescopes on top of sacred Mauna Kea in Hawaii. His astronomy research focuses on star formation in spiral galaxies. He has taught “History and Philosophy of Science & Religion” with philosopher Laura Sizer, “Science in the Islamic World” and astronomy courses such as “Introduction to Astrophysics” and “Search for Life in the Universe”.

Visit Salman’s Science & Religion Blog: Irtiqa

Date: Tuesday, 22nd December, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Minimum Donation: Anything you like. Please support our vision of intellectual poverty alleviation by donating generously.
Venue: PeaceNiche | T2F
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Seats are limited and will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No reservations.

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10 Responses to Science Ka Adda: Humans in the Cosmos

  1. farhan says:

    Great! Finally!

  2. fatima says:

    Sure I’ll come and attend the lecture

  3. lulu says:

    great event… could we also discuss Asteroids and Comets on Earth Collision course… and effective strategy of countering them….

    or atleast prepare human race on how to survive it….

  4. asif ali azad says:

    Good to see you back with good topic

  5. Danish Ghanghro says:

    Surely,I will be there to attend lecture.

  6. Will try my LEVEL best to attend. Can’t WAIT to be back amongst awesome people, with awesome ideas again..

    CONGRATULATIONS Sabeen and T2F 2.0 staff.


  7. Uzma Chishti says:

    Hey Sabeen, congratulations once more. It’s good to see how hard work and dedication pays off. Keep it up!

  8. Assalamualikum Warahmatullah-e-Wabarakatoh!

    Dear Sabeen, congratulations once more. It’s good to see how hard work. Masha’Allah.

    Jazaak Allah Khair!

  9. Asad Kizilbash says:

    Sabeen, I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture by Salman Hameed. Keep it up and good luck. Thank you.

  10. iqqi says:

    I just moved to Karachi recently and a friend of mine recommended that I check T2F. I found the lecture really stimulating, the environment really comfortable and the audience really involved into the whole thing.

    Great work guys! Loved the Macintosh donation box upstairs.

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