Rasa Chughtai at T2F

9th November 2008

rasachughtai.jpgRasa Chughtai – a master of the ghazal form – dropped in at T2F with Irfan Sattar, Asif Farrukhi, and a few other Urdu poets and lovers of poetry. The result: A delightful, informal session of story-telling and recitations by Rasa saahab that thrilled all who happened to be present.

The nearly 90-minute session was recorded. Listen to an Excerpt

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4 Responses to Rasa Chughtai at T2F

  1. Anila Zainub says:

    I greatly appreciate this clip from his recitation. I would like to request to post some more . Thanks.

  2. Faizan Ahmad says:

    bohat acha laga dobara Rasaa sahab ki awaz sun kr… plz share some more from his voice…

    can i get full recording of this program??

    thanks for sharing with us….

  3. Sadia Desai says:

    will u be posting more from the recitation…
    I love what you do here… if only the place weren’t so far to reach ..you should really post recording of ur sessions..

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your generous comments. We are currently finalizing a CD of the entire session with Rasa Chughtai Sb and it will soon be available for purchase. We now also record all our events and intend to make them available online. We have a very small team and the sessions often run over 90 minutes so it takes a while to edit/upload. Hope to meet you soon 🙂

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