Make T2F Café Sustainable

Dear T2F Community,

Despite our ambitious belief that it is possible to revive and sustain the café/community space model, the last 2.5 years have proved us otherwise. T2F café is suffering a massive loss.

Run as a social enterprise, the T2F café is a lively extension of our community space, well-placed and set up with the intention to bring people together.

Here is a brief overview of our operations:
• Four full-time skilled café employees who are paid market wages and benefits. T2F café has an employment policy which focuses on job opportunities for minorities. We strongly believe that when a social enterprise has the added bonus of being a café, it means that people are being trained in skills that give them a chance of long-term employment.

• The food we serve is locally sourced and hygienically prepared. We offer a range of fair trade coffees/tea, baked goods, high-quality “made-from-scratch brownies”, salads, sandwiches, bun-kebabs, pizzas and more.

• Our running costs include a full fledge working kitchen, (fridge/freezer, stove, oven, microwave, espresso machine) indoor seating area with 8-9 shared serving tables, 3 split air conditioners, and FREE WiFi. The cost of electricity has increased many fold in the last 5-6 years and running the air conditioners for the duration of time the café is open, is a significantly high expense.

To ensure our operations are steady and sustainable, we strongly believe that a wider ownership of the space is crucial at this point as we are revamping the café with a new look and menu.

The notion of letting customers choose whether they want to order or merely sit-in has unfortunately contributed to our loss. Most people who spend four to six hours in the café, rarely order anything other than a cup of tea or coffee. Hence the tables are occupied most of the time without any purchase and customers who want to come to the café to eat a healthy meal and in the process help sustain our café, don’t find a table or a chair to sit.

This has to change, if T2F is to become sustainable.

We urgently needed to create a system where we can generate revenues, employ people, pay our bills and create more opportunities. The purpose of the café is to be self-funding and to plough profits back into our programming and projects.

We are reaching out to the community to please assist and support us with our sustainability efforts.

PeaceNiche/The Second Floor Team (T2F)




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