Learn Bridge with Tahir Masood

Bridge with Tahir Masood

Bridge is the most diverting and intelligent card game that the wit of man has so far devised. In fact, when all else fails ‐ sport, love, ambition ‐ bridge remains a solace and an entertainment.”
Somerset Maugham – Writer & Bridge Player

Bridge is an indoor card game played by four players, divided into two teams. Although played with cards, bridge has a minimal element of luck and is purely based on skill. We are excited to announce the second round of bridge classes at T2F with Tahir Masood, one of Pakistan’s top bridge players.

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Starting Date: 9th June 2012
Course Duration: 4 weeks / 8 classes
Fee: Rs. 15,000
Skill Levels: Beginner and Intermediate
Registration: E-mail rabeea@peaceniche.org to register

Beginners: A beginner will be taught the 3 basics of the game – Bidding, Play, and Defense. After the completion of the course, beginners will be able to play bridge without assistance.

Intermediate: An intermediate player will gain a sharper understanding of the basics and will be able to apply conditional skills while playing to achieve better results.

About the Instructor
Bridge Player, Businessman, Management Trainer

Tahir MasoodTahir Masood is considered to be one of the top bridge players in the country. He has represented Pakistan at many national and international tournaments since he first started playing for Pakistan in 1985. Tahir has the distinction of winning three international tournaments in the same year and since then has continued to win numerous tournaments around the world. Tahir was the youngest Life Master, the highest ranking in Pakistan.

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