Launch of Sheeba & the Private Detectives

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AzCorp is launching its latest title based on Edutainment model called ‘Sheeba & the Private Detectives (SPD)’. It is a series featuring four friends that love education and are determined to challenge illiteracy and ignorance against all odds. With adventures intended to appeal to children ages 7-12 (grade 2-5), these young heroes travel all around Pakistan in search of local ‘mysteries’. Armed with books. They use familiar principles of science, math, social studies and a dose of common sense sleuthing to solve the gravest of community conundrums. Through this launch event, AzCorp would like to introduce the company and SDP to its target audience by highlighting the significance of edutainment based content on the learning abilities of children, which has been assessed through a 3rd party. As per the research, children showed nearly 17% improvement in their reading comprehension skills and retention of content information after reading the first two issues only.

About the organisation:

AzCorp is a social enterprise that creates meaningful & entertaining comic series, with embedded civics, social values, and themes of gender equality. Our vision is to establish a relate-able universe, of LOCAL heroes, that can drive social change.

Date: Sunday, 2nd September

Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Time: 05:30 PM – 06:30 PM

Entry: Free; It’s Your Donations that keep us going!

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