In Their Own Voice: Attiya Dawood

Attiya Dawood: 1st July 2007

Bold, different, defiant, feminist — Attiya Dawood is an exciting voice in Sindhi poetry. attiya.jpgA voice suggesting new choices, drawing out of powerful relationships, hinting at elusive mysteries.

Attiya Dawood was born in Moledino Larik, a small village in district Naushero Feroz and she has been writing poetry since 1980. She has been hailed as the “most important feminist writer in Sindhi” by Shaikh Ayaz, who says “each and every poem is lustrous like a pearl”. Attiya Dawood is married to Abro, the painter and designer, and lives in Karachi. (Text Credit: Asif Farrukhi)

“Poetry for Attiya consists of fighting for a cause. A reader of poetry may have doubts about this sort of poetry but even then one may find it difficult to dismiss it as sheer propaganda. What attracts us here is a ring of sincerity and a feminine zeal for a cause”. Intizar Hussain

Join us at T2F on Sunday for a poetry reading, in Urdu, by Attiya Dawood and an exhibition of Abro’s paintings. Visit for more information about one of Pakistan’s leading activist poets.

Date: Sunday, 1st July 2007

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