In Gratitude

Thank you all so very much for your donations, services, articles, blog posts, and for your time and ideas. Your contributions, however big or small, mean the world to us, and will go a long way towards building a more sustainable organization, supported by the community.

Financial Contributions

These donations, received from individuals, have been used to fund the T2F: Renaissance music fundraisers held on 28th March 2009 and 17 April 2009. In the absence of corporate patronage, we are grateful to the citizens of Karachi and to Pakistanis abroad who have been very generous and have supported our efforts. The funds were used to pay for the venue, sound, lights, decoration, generator rental, diesel, accompanying musicians, transport, and food and beverages for the musicians.

Donations have continued to trickle in and have been used for the down-payment of a generator, T2F 2.0 construction, and debt-repayment.

Batool Habib (Karachi)
Mariam Durrani (Lahore)
Niilofur Farrukh (Karachi)
Shazia Mohamed (Karachi)
Aassia Haq (USA)
Asif Alam (USA)
Riaz Kamlani (Karachi)
Geo Music (Karachi)
Shamoun Idrees (USA)
Farid Dossani (USA)
Zakir Mahmood (Karachi)
Tee-M: Contributions ales of Earthiotic CDs
Ali Kazim Gardezi (UAE)
Sohail Haider (Canada)
Sahar Shafqat and Sapna Pandya (USA)
Nosheen Ali and Jahanzeb Sherwani (USA)
BTW, Jahanzeb is the magician behind Jaadu VNC, the awesomest iPhone app EVER
Adil Najam / (USA): $500
Zeenat Ziad (USA)
Bilal Tanweer (USA)
Beena Sarwar (Karachi)
Umair Tariq (Karachi)
Fawad Zakariya (USA)
Jehan Ara (Karachi)
Ameen Bhanji (Karachi)
Mahenaz Mahmud (Karachi)
Amean J (Karachi)
Ali Kazim Gardezi (UAE)
Zainab Akhtar Malik (UAE)
Zakir Thaver (Karachi)
Faiz and Shaheen Somji (USA)
Farida Somji (USA)
Seema Somji (USA)
Saif Abdullah (Karachi)

Writers and Bloggers

Bina Shah
Adil Najam
Arsalaan Haleem
Batool Habib
Jamal Ashiqain
Faisal Kapadia


Jamal Ashiqain


Arshad Faruqi
Awab Alvi aka Teeth Maestro
Assad Ullah
Zubair Ahmed
Super Technologies


Zakir Thaver
Hawra Harianawala
Shahjehan Chaudhry
Jamal Ashiqain
Omar Bilal Akhtar
Designers’ Collective
Batool Habib
Sohail Abdullah
Farrukh Ahmed
Adil Moosajee

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5 Responses to In Gratitude

  1. Billal Murtaza says:

    I stumbled upon T2F through some random google search one night a few months back, and have been itching to come and check it out. Then, one fateful day a week or two back, i get the email, with the disasterous news! T2F is being evicted?! My feelings were….well bluntly put…PISSED!!!! so here i am, eager to see T2F get to where it needs to be. Id love to help financially, as that would probably help the most, but id love to volunteer and try and help any other way possible. soooo, if that floats anyones boat, let me know. Always interested in helping for a good cause :}

  2. Sameen Sultan Khan says:

    I’ve only been to a couple of events but I’d like to help. I’d like to volunteer my time and help out however. Please contact me if and when you need help.

  3. kauser sheikh says:

    Commend the spirit and positive energy that motivates Sabeen and the Peace Niche/T2F friends.Your new home will vibrate….Celebrate vicariously here ! Good wishes to all involved.

  4. A beacon of hope,dawn after darkness,a waterfall amidst a desert…..That is what we name-T2F .. Wishing you all, at T2F, a new paradise for poets,writers,musiclovers & lonely souls.I would always like to volunteer my services.

  5. Hajra Hussan says:

    i would love to help here too.. please contact me regarding this

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