Hitting the Ground Running …

Dear PeaceNiche and T2F Community,

612 days ago T2F opened its doors to you. Our vision was lofty, and frankly, a bit mad. Who would walk up to the second floor of an office building on Khayaban-e-Ittehad to listen to a poet rambling on about revolution, or a scientist arguing in favour of evolution, or some kids playing drums? Well, as it turns out, thousands of people …

In these 612 days minus Mondays, our tiny space has hosted over 150 events featuring thought leaders, artists, poets, musicians, scientists, magicians, writers, philosophers, dancers, actors, lawyers, and activists. Hundreds of you have written in to tell us how much T2F means to you and to the city of Karachi. Every e-mail, snail mail, text message, and Facebook Wall post that you have sent has given us the strength to carry on. Many of you have supported us through your donations and even helped us replace our stolen Mac. We can’t thank you enough.

By now you are probably thinking that we’re closing down and that this is a goodbye note. No such luck ๐Ÿ˜€ But there is some critical news that we need to share with you.

We called our landlord the day-before-yesterday, to ask him when he was going to get the lift fixed. He was non-committal and then said he wanted us to vacate the premises. The initial shock was soon replaced by calm determination and optimism.

At yesterday’s literary event, we broke the news. Practically everyone came forward to express solidarity and support. Some of you graciously volunteered your offices, houses, gardens, and basements for us to conduct our events till we find our own space. And one of you, a volunteer/student/journalist, kick-started the donation drive with a contribution of Rs. 5,000. Thank you Batool.

So, here’s the plan:

We plan to vacate the current premises by early February 2009. We have already been offered several temporary spaces to conduct our events until such time that we find a permanent venue. We would like to move to a new space – a home we can call our own – as soon as possible. It’s going to be tough and we can’t do it alone. We simply don’t have the funds. As you know, PeaceNiche is a non-profit organization and we have meagre funding. We are reaching out to you to help us in any way that you can. We will be writing to you again with specific requirements, but in the meanwhile, please spread the word about our need for a permanent, rent-free space so that we can get up and running without losing momentum.

Over the next few days, please come to T2F as often as possible – we’ll recreate the magic wherever we go but this is where it all started. Thank you Karachi for believing in us.

17th January 2009

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24 Responses to Hitting the Ground Running …

  1. Saad Hayat says:

    Hey, This indeed is a very sad news. T2F has always been something i have really been proud of. Hope things work out and you guys find even a better place. The whole idea shouldnt die, no matter what.


  2. Sabeen,
    I know that this may have come as a surprise, but I think you and we have seen how much love and support T2F has created in the community for what it offers and the generosity with which it does this. We are here, you are not alone, and we will help in any way we can.

  3. Nargis Khurram says:

    Hey, Do tell what we can do… It is indeed a great place and Karachi is richer and more beautiful because of it…

  4. Fareen Effendi says:

    I’m there. Just tell me what you need (specifically) and keep your chin up. There HAS to be some good out of this… And yes, you are most definitely not alone. It’s time like these that all the giving that you did, will come back to you full circle.

    Keep in touch with what you need – plus I also pledge a donation (will text you details).


  5. Yahya says:

    Things HAVE to work out. & they WILL for sure.
    AND we are going to make it happen NOW!

  6. Manu says:

    Good Morning Sabeen, the Team and all T2Fs,

    I read it with sorrow and anger – people like us are everywhere in the defence.
    But – all my “forced changes” till now turned out to be for the best. In the long term I always found the right people – or they found me. With the support of your “community” something better will come for sure.

    All the best and support from far away Berlin.
    Take Care,

  7. Anthony says:

    Simply a travesty of justice. I’ll mention this on my radio show and encourage all listeners/callers/texters to donate and/or help however they can!

  8. zakintosh says:

    Thank you all … Your sentiments matter a lot.

  9. Qurat says:

    Hey Sabeen, T2F was like a breath of fresh air to this mad city! Although I came only once to listen to Asad Rafi’s talk but it has definately left a huge impact on the people of Karachi. Keep your chin up! You did a great job! May you find a better than the one right now. Why don’t you sell the concept to big-wigs like DawnNews and make it into a weekly television programme where every week we have a live show on a particular subject on your set? Media makes a huge impact and it’s time T2F went bigger as I feel you have to reach out to the masses! Good Luck!!

    Quratulain Ahmed

  10. Ziad Asim says:

    This is shocking news but as much as I know, they will work out something and sail through this like all other times …

    Do let us know the way we could be of help.

  11. Khawar Nehal says:

    If we put all the creative minds together that we all bring to T2F I think we could brainstorm a better place.
    I wish everyone the best of luck in obtaining a “permanent” and more spacious place for T2F even if means having a misnomer if the floor level changes.
    Or we could keep the name and explain to the future generations of members how the initial name came about.


  12. sabeen says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement, support, and love. We are positive that we will emerge stronger and better and will be a more sustainable organization through the support of the community. Each one of you are important to us and we look forward to working with you to get through this.


  13. aMmAr says:

    Just heard about this news today, and it came as a big shock. Though I didn’t visit the place more often that I always wanted to do. Timings and work related commitments have been the major hurdle but I along with others who have ever been to t2f got only nice things to say.

    You guys are doing an awesome job and we Karachiites can’t afford to lose t2f. I hope that the new location is in the middle of the city so that more and more people can come and be the part of the t2f experience and not only the DHA residents ๐Ÿ˜‰

    How about a Pink Floyd related gig/event on the supposed last day at this venue?

  14. Mohsin says:


    It had not need be said but we are all proud to be associated with this mini-revolution kick started by you and supported by so many… our support; financial, spiritual and physical (if need be for manual labor) is always available… just give a yell .. and we’ll be there

    Chak day phattay

  15. Gorki says:

    I only came to know about the T2F after reading about it on ATP but feel it is something precious that should go on. If you can give out some details as to how much money needs to be raised etc and put up some targets on the site, it would be helpful. Although I am a first time visitor, you have my moral support and hope I can help some with funds etc. also.
    Best wishes.

  16. Jehan says:

    It is really shocking when such things happen. I have been thinking about it since Zak told me on Saturday. Discussed some ideas with him on how to move ahead.You know you have got lots of us by your side. Just let us know what needs to be done and we’ll get others involved.

    Be strong! You are not alone.

  17. Bukhari says:

    extremely sad it is..
    Let us know how can we help..!

  18. Saif says:

    I read bina’s article in sunday’s paper. Whereever you move sabeen, I can do my best by setting up the WiFi for your new place.

  19. Rahimq says:

    I am always there in what ever capacities i can help because t2f brings energy into the lives of karachities and it was created here to live forever.

  20. Ramla Akhtar says:

    When one door closes, another opens. I see great opportunity in this change, though at the face of it any adversity that forces us to change seems just that – an adversity. In the eventuality of time, though, an adversity overcome becomes our great asset.

    What I mean to say is that – congratulations! This is the year of greater beginnings for many and how often am I seeing friends being cornered into unlikely situations, only to realize how well gifted they are and hence they emerge triumphant.

    You know there had to come a situation when T2F became as public as it is and the responsibility was shared with all the people whom T2F has served so proactively. This situation has helped shake up the supporters and given the people the opportunity to work together – however each may – to preserve and grow a cultural institution that citizens have set up for citizens.

    The only way, then, is forward.

    On this note, Sabeen, I remember your dreams of having a center-of-the-city T2F2 ๐Ÿ™‚ – may be this is the chance? Far more people can join in the daily activities if the new venue is more accessible to the northern and central parts of the city.

    I wish with quite certainty that the best will happen.

    Love & regards,

  21. Zoaib Mansoor says:

    Dear Sabeen,

    The news is though shocking but i believe it will happen for better… these kind of changes will not stop from cheering. The spirit is high and candle burning. So no worries, we all are with you.

    Warm regards

    Zoaib Mansoor

  22. Rania N. Ghanghro says:

    Hi Sabeen

    A few months ago my husband and I heard about T2F and promised ourselves that we would definetly visit! Its rare to come across a place in Karachi which has so much to offer and to meet people who contribute towards society selflessly and intellectually!
    This weekend we will definitely visit! I can’t believe we waited this long!
    I’m sorry to hear about the news of having to vacate your current location but i’ve read the 22 comments so far and i’m amazed at the response! Even though we haven’t contributed in any way so far we would love to help in any way possible! I’m convinced that the matter will get resolved in due time and our support is always there!

    Best regards


  23. UTP says:

    heard about you guys in the blogosphere…not in KHI otherwise would have loved to get involved…

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