Grow With Us #5K4T2F

Dear Friends,

On 15th May this year, PeaceNiche/The Second Floor (T2F) marked its tenth anniversary. This momentous milestone is an important time for us to address the community that nurtures T2F. We have strived to keep our programming and projects steady over the years, none more crucial and challenging than the past two and a half. We, like countless others, were devastated by the loss of our beloved founder and dreamer, Sabeen Mahmud on the 24th of April 2015. However, in the aftermath of the massive void her death created, we were overwhelmed by the unconditional love and support from our patrons. This act of the community selflessly coming together like a family was awe-inspiring and gave us the strength to face extreme hurdles and hold the fort despite all odds. We began planting the seeds for a stronger creative community as T2F continued to keep its doors and heart wide open.

Our unbreakable resolve in Sabeen’s vision alongside the community’s solidarity led us from strength to strength and in December 2016, PeaceNiche/The Second Floor (T2F) was awarded the much-coveted Prince Claus Award. This achievement was a testament to the enormous struggle that has been our journey since 2007 and the future that awaits us. This future however, is reliant on financial independence and stability and while we are working towards making it a reality every day, it is a continuous process that cannot and never has happened overnight.

We strive to grow and nourish a diverse creative hub for the diverse creative people of this extraordinary city with a strong honor code. This means that in the face of extreme financial adversity, we have still kept 70% of our events free in just the past year because we are determined to keep T2F an accessible and fertile ground for culture discourse and change. It takes hundreds of hours of planning and labor and thousands of rupees a month to sustain a unique space like ours and to keep it free from corporate practices, which is most important to us. The survival and growth of this space with the freedom to function as we do, relies on the generosity of our patrons and the community at large.

#5K4T2F is a continuation of our crowdfunding campaign from 2015, Come Together: Invest in Creative Karachi. We are at a point again where we seek your help as we have done before, to tackle the challenges with this year’s expenses, maintenance and upgrades. We cannot stand the thought of shrinking our scope of programming or quality of work for the community. To enable this space means that we need to serve our community fully.

If T2F has brought joy and inspiration into your life, if it has helped you celebrate and empower yourself, if it has provided you with a sanctuary in spirit and space, please consider contributing towards our shared future. Your gift will help us go a long way.
There are several ways to help us, find out what you can do by visiting:

Coming together in times of struggle is one of the strongest acts that define you, our vibrant community, and strengthens the bond that connects us all as the T2F family.

And at T2F we promise, there will always be room for family.

Ajay, Alifiyah, Binyamin, Chand, Ellia, Fatin, Fiza, Hassan, Majeed, Mamu, Mukesh,
Sana & Zarar
PeaceNiche/The Second Floor (T2F) Team

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