Compelling Conversations: The Balochistan Series (Part 1)

Friday, 18th May 2012 | 7:00 pm

Thousands of people have been killed and similar numbers have been injured, displaced, arrested or have gone missing due to the conflict in Balochistan. Despite this, the province remains an enigma for most Pakistanis who do not live there. Official history books are riddled with inaccuracies, and the mainstream media rarely covers the conflict with much depth.

The aim of the Balochistan Series at T2F is to encourage open and informal dialogue about the Balochistan conflict, and especially to bring you voices that are generally not heard. Join us in our discussions with academics, activists, and journalists to get a range of views about what is happening in Balochistan.

Session 1: A Brief History of Baloch Nationalism (1920s to 2004)

BalochistanDid you know that from August 11, 1947 until March 1948, Pakistan officially recognized the State of Kalat as an independent sovereign state? Did you know that TV presenter, Najam Sethi and journalist, Ahmed Rashid were among a clandestine group of students from London who joined the guerrilla movement in the mountains of Balochistan in the 1970s?

Part of the problem in any discussion about the Baloch conflict is the lack of awareness or availability of credible information on the history of the movement. In the inaugural session of this series, we will discuss the history of the Baloch nationalist movement from its inception in the 1920s up until 2004 (prior to the start of the current insurgency).

BM Kutty, a political activist from Kerala, made Pakistan his home 60 years ago. He is the general secretary of the Pakistan Peace Coalition and was political secretary to the former governor of Balochistan, Mir Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo.

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur is a columnist for the Daily Times newspaper. He is an advocate for Baloch rights and was among those who joined the guerrilla movement during the 1973-1977 conflict.

Nazish Brohi has been working in the development sector for 14 years in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. She has led research projects and has published on impacts of conflict; women and land politics, on various forms of violence, and on the religious right wing in Pakistan.

With our moderator, Nazish Brohi and the audience, our two guests will have an informal discussion about the rise of Baloch nationalism and the major features of its history.

Anyone interested in doing some reading ahead of the session can find links on our website at:

The next three sessions of the Balochistan Series will focus on:

– Understanding the current insurgency (2004 – present)
– Women in the Balochistan conflict
– The impact of the conflict on non-Baloch citizens in Balochistan

Date: Friday, 18th May, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm
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Venue: PeaceNiche | T2F
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Seats are limited and will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No reservations.

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16 Responses to Compelling Conversations: The Balochistan Series (Part 1)

  1. jamil ahmed says:

    it is really a great job .well done the second floor ,balochistan need your concentration ,it will be a great effort for the needy people of balochistan .

  2. mazhar says:

    We are weary of hearing about this London group. Each one of these Punjabi revolutionary is presented as Don Juan. And that they came to fight along Baloch as people would go to fight against Franco. It appears that by mentioning this contribution again and again punjabi intellectuals get some relief, relief from guilt. The most show off among the London Group is Assad Rehman who tries to make people feel he was Che Gue Vara. In his interview to Daily Times, he called Das a traitor who was jealous against Rehman’s gallantry. Das was only son of a retired Hindu military officer. these progressive Punjabis too were anti Hindu like common Punjabis. These super heroes were captured and soon released because they were relatives of Punjabi generals. They are alive and telling concocted stories about their valour. The “traitor” Dass was killed and his body was yet to be recovered. Do you think they will be fair in their discussions? Look at them. Most of them keep on justifying war against Baloch in one way or the other. They are ideologues of Punjabi imperialism. It is joke that they will alleviate peoples intellectual poverty by making self glorifying speeches.

  3. Fatima says:

    Facts about Missing Persons are:
    When they were crying that our lovers were abducted by Pak Armed forces.They ever quoted
    the names of frontier corps intelligence agencies and government organizations.Now we have got from an on-line newspaper some photographs of missing persons they should come on media and explain it becuase the civil society and civilized world is asking that why this propagation was createdd and made by the so-called fake-liberals we ask them that can they explain about DR DIN MUHAMMAD, disappearance that he is sitting with Dr Allah nazar Baloch and can they say about the disappearance of Mr Iltaf Baloch that he is in India and his clear photograph is being pasted can they explain these three guys who were according their sayings disappeared and are available in the militant camp of bla blf ?
    we request to our media before quoting any name we should realize that is any one spoiling the name of our country with a plan which is we think started from hostile countries and is the part of the campaign to destabilize our country

  4. Zarrar Khan says:

    This is sheer propaganda. The inside story of Balochistan is a bit different and those who have been living there for the last 30 years know it first hand. Check this:

  5. Zarrar Khan says:

    Also watch what Mir Ahmadan Bugti, the first cousin of late Nawab Akbar Bugti has to say about Balochistan issue:

  6. Habibullah Khan says:

    Hmmm.. well on an interesting note, Israhell’s puppets Qatar and UAE are organizing, funding and promoting Baloch separatists instead of helping solve real problems of Balochistan. A couple of months back, a Qatari official visited Balochistan and “lost” millions of dollars while doing hunting! Lol, doesn’t that smell fishy? To whom did he “lose” those dollars? See this video. Baloch separatists being trained and organized in these slave nations of Israhell, chanting the so-called Free Balochistan anthem:

  7. Amna Baloch says:

    Can someone please explain this video to me? I am confused. Is this the reality of Balochistan? If yes then it’s disgusting! We should stand up!
    Video link:

  8. Zarrar Khan says:

    My comments deleted? 🙁

  9. SweeT MusliM says:

    Isn’t it a coincidence that the names mentioned above of some journalists and other activists are in the favor of independent Baluchistan while thousands of other renowned journalists, bureaucrats, analysts and politicians who have absolutely opposite point of view and do not support independent Baluchistan are literally ignored. WHY??? Is very easy to do by the way. If you have money you can bribe anyone to do treacherous job against its own state. Three or four names mention here have no value in Pakistan. All the people know that thousands of CIA workers are very active in Baluchistan at the moment who buy the traitors and try to raise non issue in to a boiling water. Balochistan was, is and will be the ultimate part of Pakistan till the day of judgement as 90% of the Balochi love Pakistan. There are some who have complaints regarding development issues and that is also because of the purchased politicians.

  10. Dimah Diaz says:

    Stability and peace is very much needed word in Balochistan right now, as many anti Pakistan and foreign funded terrorists and so called intellectuals are trying their best to break it away from rest of it. The activities of miscreants are rarely discussed in mainstream media that is why the enemies of Pakistan does every propaganda against its defenders the Pak Army and even non baloch who served their whole lives in Balochistan and loved their birth place, are maligned and even executed by terrorist of BLA etc here is the news reference

  11. Anais Malik says:

    Watch this video.Its a lesson for all those supporting so-called “Azad balochistan ” that who are they be fighting against ? When Mubasher Lucman asked from grandson of Khan of Qalat that why his grandfather joined Pakistan in the first place if today they are so against it he replied : Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh gave direct orders to Khan of Qalat in a dream that a holy land Pakistan is coming into being and you are trying to hinder it ? So on Hazrat Muhammad saw orders he joined state of Qalat with Pakistan.

  12. Anais Malik says:

    Balochistan movement or Greater Balochistan is supported by only 3 out of 70 Baluch Sardars.The rest of the Sardars want to be part of Pakistan.And these 3 Sardars that are sitting abroad and running Azad Balochistan movement from Switzerland and England because obviously they dont have public support in Balochistan.The majority of people in Balochistan are Pashtuns and not Baluch contrary to public knowledge.And Pashtuns are on the verge of suing these Sardars because they definitely are loyal to Pakistan.These 3 Sardars are actually underworld grug barrons and illegal arms dealers.So if you are supporting them then you are supporting criminals unknowingly.Also watch this video Brahamdagh Bugti openly accepted that they take aid from not only RAW but also ready to take aid/money even from satan.
    Brahamdagh Bugti busted and blasted by Kashif Abbasi in this exclusive interview.Watch and decide for yourself what these 3 Sardars are upto.

  13. Saami says:

    This is sheer propaganda clearly . The inside story of Balochistan is a bit different and those who have been living there for the last 30 years know it first hand. Check this:

  14. Ali says:

    It emarges hope in hearts; Intelectual Poverty Allivation is the root solution, Keep it up and safe from pak-ghosts

  15. Noor islam says:


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