Faraar Shop

We are super excited to announce the Faraar Shop, a thela stocked with funky t-shirts, mugs, posters, art post-cards, chamak-patti notebooks and sketchpads, unique CDs, and a range of hand-painted truck art lamps, kettles, cups, and boxes.

Faraar Shop

The Faraar Collection

The Faraar Collection is a rotating display of visual delights, including paintings and artwork displayed at the Faraar Gallery.

Discount Bookshop

T2F’s bookshop stocks hundreds of English and Urdu titles covering South Asian fiction, current affairs, politics, film, music, graphic novels, women’s issues, science, philosophy, gender, etc. In addition to English titles, a comprehensive selection of Urdu prose, poetry and compilations are also available. Supporters of PeaceNiche regularly donate books, magazines, and journals which are then made available to the public at discounted prices.

For the Love of Books