Reem Khurshid: Long Time Artist Finally Shows Work

Karachi: 15 February 2010

reemk.jpgReem Khurshid has an avid fan following online and has several cool feathers tucked into her artistic hat, including album art for local band, Mole. Reem Khurshid is very young and very talented. And she paints. That is probably all one needs to say about her – if one sees her work, the statement will make sense enough to stand on its own. But then that would be unfair to someone who has managed to show her work solo while still pursuing an education.

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A Politically Gridlocked Society Depicted Through Art

Karachi: 16 January 2010

sophiya.jpgOur society is politically gridlocked, says Sophiya Khwaja, a Rawalpindi-based artist, whose latest works, “Forced Gridlock” opened at Faraar, the Second Floor (T2F) Friday evening. Her paintings, a contemporary mix of her print making, training, draughtsmanship, and miniatures, presented a dialogue on how people, while living in their limited bubbles, at some point or another, are affected by other social spheres …

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The inhabitants of the 21st century are observing “forced gridlocks”, especially those living in the third world countries: a major chunk of the youth feels they cannot do anything on their own; politicians feel there is no way out of the political mayhem; and economists are worried about the recession that has engulfed their minds …

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Welcome Back T2F

Karachi: 24th December 2009

After a long, hard wait — eight-and-a-half-months to be precise — t2f is back. Version 2.0, as the owners and founder members prefer to call it, is located a few blocks away from its previous site, and from all accounts, is an upgrade on the last version.

Ahmed Yusuf Reports for The News

T2F 2.0 Featured in the Media Gallery

Karachi: 24th December 2009

View a slideshow of photographs taken on T2F 2.0’s opening day
Photos and Text by Eefa Khalid and Mariam Anwar

The Cosmos at T2F

Karachi: 24th December 2009

skacosmos.jpgI was never very good at Physics and Geography. My favourite subjects were Maths, Chemistry, History and English, and because I found these subjects interesting, I was good at them. I think I would have enjoyed Physics and Geography too but for the teachers I had, who were never able to bring the subjects to life for me.

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Network: A Wakeup Call from the Grips of TV Land

Karachi: June 2009

network.jpgIn a seeming challenge to those working in Pakistan’s media, Karachi’s, ‘The Second Floor’ cafe offered up a screening of, ‘Network’ – a 1970’s classic which offers a satirical glimpse into the dark, unseen fantasy world of those who run prime time news in the U.S.

Jahanzaib Haque Reports for The Friday Times

Spellbound by Mysticism

Karachi: 30th March 2009

Carrying on the legacy of their famous ancestors, the Qavval Bacchon ka Gharana and their father, the incomparable Munshi Razi, the duo of Brothers Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad along with their ensemble provided a night of mystical nirvana to an enthralled audience.


Abid Hussain Reports for The News

A Breath of Fresh Kashmiri Air

Karachi: March 2009

bash.jpgDespite the hostilities, it speaks for the changing times that Peer was able to recently visit Pakistan, staying with Saad Haroon, a satirist he had met in New York (got the visa because a Pakistani diplomat liked his book). Friends hooked him up with Sabeen Mahmud who runs The Second Floor …

Beena Sarwar Reports for Hard News

ClickPower: T2F!

Karachi: 5th December 2008

clickpower.gifThere are few people, online or otherwise, who would have not heard about Sabeen Mahmud and The Second Floor. And the reason I can say that so confidently is because Sabeen not only preached New Media and online promotional marketing, but practiced it. Probably the person to have had the longest, most prolific career in New Media, well before the concept even existed, she came across the Apple computer and it hasn’t stopped making her heart go bump. Here’s an amazing story of how Sabeen powers T2F, the brick and mortar café, through the power of the click.

Rabia Garib Reports for CIO and InfoWorld

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Karachi: 4th December 2008

Ever since man could look up at the sky and wonder at the stars and his own existence, the debate over how things came into being has continued to rage.


This thorny issue of creation was taken up at The Second Floor (T2F) on Thursday evening, by Salman Hameed, Assistant Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities at Hampshire College, who delivered a lecture on the vastly different approaches science and religion have taken to tackle humanity’s unending questions …

Jahanzaib Haque Reports for The News | Salman Hameed’s Blog Post