Advanced Guitar Workshop with Hassam Ajaz

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Learn how to refine the art of playing a guitar in just 3 months with Hassam Ajaz! Here you will find more advanced guitar lessons for players that are already familiar with the guitar, as well as material for advancing techniques and learning specialised topics. Join us every Saturday at T2F starting November 10, 2018 from 12pm – 1:30pm to master the craft!

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: Advance Guitar Technique

Session 1: Left- Right Hand Synchronization
Session 2: Hammer on Pull off Exercises
Session 3: Arpeggio Exercises
Session 4: Master Class (Music Theory)

Chapter 2: Advance Chord Construction
Session 1: Major 7/ Dominant 7/ Major-Minor 7
Session 2: Augmented chords/ Suspended Chords
Session 3: 9th, 11th, 13th Extended Chords
Session 4: Master Class (Music Theory)

Chapter 3: The Essential Blues
Session 1: 12-Bar Blues
Session 2: Blues Essential Scale
Session 3: Blues Soloing
Session 4: Master Class (Music theory)

About the Instructor:
Carrying an experience of 10 years in the lustrous field of Contemporary and Classical Genres of Rock, Hassam Ajaz has performed as a guitarist in over 100 shows; playing alongside some notable characters from the field of music such as Faraz Anwar, Irfan Charlie, Faisal Gill, Murtaza (Maddi), Aashir Wajahat, and Jaffer Shah. He also thrived as a session player for 4 years. Personal training/teaching experience amounting up to 8 years, and sporting sound therapy professionally at the Children Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) of for over 2, Hassam Ajaz – an adept player of guitar, Banjo, 10- strings guitar and 12-strings guitar, Rubab, Ukulele – is one stop shop for all things music.

Date: Saturday, 10th November 2018 to Saturday 26th January 2019
Time: 12:00 PM – 01:30 PM
Place: The Second Floor (T2F)
Registration Fee: Rs. 10,000/- (for three months)

Age Group: Teenagers and Adults

***The workshop is open to 25 students maximum. We have a first come, first served policy, please come in and sign up at T2F (between Monday – Friday | 1pm-6pm) or send us an email at***

Dungeons & Dragons @ T2F


Assault on Fangwood Keep continues.

Join the assault – campaign registration fee:  Rs 700

Adventure with us for a single night – one-shot registration fee:  Rs 500

May our blades be sharp and our spells be crackling with eldritch energies.

See you there.

**We have limited capacity for 15 participants. Contact on this number 0333-2288224 (Khurram Khan) to register your spot**

Date: Thursday, 25th October 2018

Time: 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Venue: T2F

 Single Session Registration: Rs. 500

Campaign registration: Rs. 700

**We will be charging a registration fee. Time, effort and resources used, require your support.**

Drum Circle with Mohsin Kazi


Is Karachi’s frenzy affecting you? Do you feel exhausted?

Join us for an evening of Drum Circle with Mohsin Kazi!

The exercise of communal drumming is an age old practice of therapy. The physical, emotional, mental, and social healing of the exercise is best experienced than read about. Community, drums, music, movement; need more be said?

Date: Friday, 26th October 2018

Time: 06:30PM – 08:00PM

Place: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F)

Entry: Make a Rs. 50 donation to support our artistic endeavours

*We have limited drums available this time , which will be used on a first come first served basis, participants are encouraged to bring their personal equipment to this session*

Sur ka Safar: The Essence of Rajasthan

Sur Ka Safr Digital

Join us at Faraar Gallery, T2F, for the latest performance in our Sur Ka Safar series, featuring Sagheer Ahmed on vocals, accompanied by Ashiq Ali on tabla and dholak on Saturday, 27th October 2018.

About the Performers:
Sagheer Ahmed first learned music from Ustad Chand Khan of the Jaipur gharana. He also learned from Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan and Ustad Allauddin Khan. His training was in classical vocals and with time, he was drawn towards rendering semi-classical forms such as thumri, dadra, and ghazals and also started to include folk songs and geets into his repertoire. Sagheer has been performing on radio, television, and in live shows for the last fifteen years, which also include performances in India. He is an ardent follower of the ghazal maestro, the late Ustad Mehdi Hasan (also of Rajasthani decent), who has greatly influenced his vocal rendition and style. In this performance Sagheer will be focusing on presenting the Rajasthani folk and semi-classical compositions.
Accompanying him on tabla and dholak will be the widely acclaimed maestro, Ashiq Ali. Ashiq Ali has been working as a dholak and tabla player for the last 35 years, playing for radio, television and live performances. He learnt the basics of music and tabla playing from his father, Ustad Chand Khan, and later from the well-known tabla player, Omar Khan. He has performed with great artists such as ghazal legends Mehdi Hasan and Ghulam Ali, classical vocalist Hussain Baksh Gullo and sufi icon, Abida Parveen. However, the work that catapulted Ashiq Ali’s career into the mainstream market was with the Pakistani pop group, Junoon, wherein the dholak and tabla grooves provided by him became the identifying feature of many of their hit songs. In this performance Ashiq Ali will demonstrate the distinctive rhythmic style of accompaniment in Rajasthani folk.

Date: Saturday, 27th October 2018
Time: 08:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F)
Entry: Rs 700. First come, first served at the door

Tracing Your Inner Self-Workshop by Suhaee & Vajdaan

Suhaee workshop DigitalAn intensive movement workshop that will help you become aware and accept yourself with two Actors and dancers both trained in Italy – Suhaee Abro and Vajdaan Shah

Through movement and various physical and emotional exercises we will be tracing the way to ourselves. Becoming of our own friend and becoming aware of our vulnerabilities or learning something completely new about ourselves through communication of the body followed by a discussion. To move on in life with anything, it is important to first know and accept who you are which is our aim to go through the process of together. Anyone 18 and above can join. Comfortable clothing is important as you should be able to move.

About the Instructors:

Suhaee Abro began her training in Classical Dance at the age of seven from the respected Classical Dancer, Sheema Kermani. Abro specialises in ‘Bharatanatyam’; also choreographing and performing other genres of dance. She has been performing since the age of eight, including numerous performances in Pakistan, India, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Nepal. Apart from dance, she has also done selective acting work for Television for thirteen years; appearing in Music Videos and Documentaries as well. Along with being part of Manto – the film, her latest feature film, My Pure Land was also an Oscar submission by Britain for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2017. She has also taught to children and adults including conducting workshops based on Dance therapy. Abro was trained in dance as a whole at N.O.D, Turin in Italy.

Vajdaan Shah has been an active theatre practitioner both on and off stage since 2010. It began with Moulin Rouge & Bombay Dreams, which further led him to pursue performing arts at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi, Pakistan. His initial projects at the academy determined his edge into movement based theatre where he excelled, capitalized and carved opportunities for himself including a scholarship to an international dance program at Art Factory International in Bologna, Italy. Vajdaan’s learning curve include the skillsets in craft of acting, dancing, storytelling and directing which is an integral application of his work for theatre, films & television.  Being part of projects such as Investigation Cell, Hotel Propaganda, Among Fog, Equus, Marat/Sade and Conversations 2013 in theatre along with debuting as a director with Antony & Cleopatra. For silver screen, his contribution has been for films like Chupan Chupai, Manto, 021 & Project Ghazi, whereas Shakk is the only drama serial he has acted in for television.

Dates: Wednesday, 24th October 2018
Timings: 07:30 PM – 09:30 PM
Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/-

*Participants are requested to come in comfortable clothing.*

**We only have capacity for 15 participants, so kindly come in and sign up at T2F (1pm-6pm) or send us an email at for online registrations. First come, first served.**


Mehfil e mushairah-01

Urdu Hai  Mera Naam  presents


Sadaarat: Afzal Ahmed Syed

Mehmaan e Khusoosi: Tanveer Anjum

Mehmaan e Aizaazi: Asif Farrukhi

Mehmaan e Aizaazi: Ajmal Siraj

Nizaamat: Imran Shamshad

Mutawaqqe Shau’ra:

Saani Syed

Zaheer Zarf

Abdul Rehman Momin

Johar Mehdi

Baqir Mehdi

Uzair Jilani

Muhammad Mehdi

Urooj Zehra Zaidi

Waseem Hashmi

Mahrukh Ali Mahi

Usama Ameer

Date: Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

Time: 06:00 PM – 09:30 PM

Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Entry: Free, It’s your donations that keep us going!

Jambro Jamathon @ T2F

Jambro T2f Posts october-03

The Jambro Jamathon is a series of jam sessions, hosted in collaboration with the best Jam Spaces of Karachi, featuring musicians from the Jambro community, which also include the most talented musicians from the music industry of Pakistan. This is your chance to get connected to the vibrant jam culture of the city, where the music is always real and spontaneous!

Limited jamming slots will be available on merit and first come first served basis.

Date: Thursday, 25th October 2018

Time: 05:30PM – 09:30PM

Entry Ticket: Free for all who have a profile on Jambro App. Rs.300 for all others.

Qavvaali Mahfil featuring Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers


T2F is proud to present another night of Qavvaali Mahfil with Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers!

Keeping the flame of the Delhi Gharana alive, Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers perform traditional qavvaali. As the sons of Ustad Bahauddin, one of our greatest qavvaals, from whom they have learnt, Najmuddin, Saifuddin & Brothers have perfected over 20 years of live performances around the world. The troupe has toured throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and across South Asia, and have received multiple accolades for their renditions.

In addition to performances, Najmuddin Saifuddin and Brothers are committed to sharing their art and knowledge by presenting lectures and workshops about the tradition and history of qavvaali.

Date: Saturday, 20th October 2018

Time: 07:30 PM– 09:30 PM

Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Entry: Rs. 500/-

Dungeons & Dragons @ T2F


Assault in Fangwood Keep continues this Thursday.

Those who wish to join the campaign if you haven’t already

Campaign Registration: Rs 1050.

Those who wish to adventure for a single night

Single Session: Rs 500.

See you there.

**We have limited capacity for 15 participants. Contact on this number 0333-2288224 (Khurram Khan) to register your spot**

Date: Thursday, 18th October 2018

Time: 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM

Venue: T2F

 Single Session Registration: Rs. 500

Campaign registration: Rs. 1,050

**We will be charging a registration fee. Time, effort and resources used, require your support.**

Unplugged Improv with LOLWaalay

Improv Comedy-01

After 6 years and many hundreds of shows later, we, the LOLWaalay will depart from our signature short-form style and bring you some never before seen improvised, experimental long-form! Also, in addition to our act, we will feature some of our funny friends as well!

If you were to tie the knot with long-form improv via arranged marriage, here is how a rishta aunty would describe it:

‘Long-form improvisation is an unscripted performance of anywhere between 20-90 minutes based off a single audience suggestion. Common elements include monologues, games and series of inter-connected scenes. Long form is much closer to theatre than short form. The final product often appears to be an improvised play. According to a popular improv director, long form is to jazz as short form is to pop’.

What an insightful and eloquent rishta aunty.

Come watch LOLWaalay unplugged and friends this Thursday at The Second Floor! Tickets Rs. 300 available at the venue. Gates open at 7 45 PM. Show starts at 8 PM.

About the Performers:

Akbar Chaudry

The Voice of the Troupe (and the Hair)

The long-time Artistic Director of the troupe, Akbar led the way when LOL Waalay established itself as the premier of comedy at a time when quality live shows across the country were unheard of. Since then, he also single-handedly put the underground stand-up comedy scene on the map by not only performing his own sold out shows, and with notable comedians like Saad Haroon, but also providing a platform to the emerging talent. His crazy curls and fluctuating voice are as much an inspiration as his signature performing style.

Ali Gul Pir

The Sayeen

The improv extraordinaire and mentor is the latest addition to the troupe. A film graduate, Ali initially started off as an improviser in a comedy ensemble put together by Azfar Ali, later moving on to another troupe with Saad Haroon. Soon after that, he broke major ground in the music industry with the very original and hilarious, Wadaira Ka Beta, which went on to become a cultural phenomenon for Pakistanis worldwide. Having become a successful recording artist ever since, the Sayeen is now revisiting his roots in improv with old friends, LOL Waalay. Did we say friends? We meant family. *wipes away tear*

Sannan Wastani

The Bad Boy/Corporate Suave

Long hailed as one of the funniest LOL Waala, Sannan truly personifies what it means to be the bad boy of comedy, if that is a thing. Famed for his priceless comic timing, off the cuff one-liners and true-to-life sense of humour, he started off with theater, starring in plays like, the Office, and its sequel. It was not long before he too was mesmerized by the ways of the LOL Waalay, and became a part of the cause. However, his true mastery lies in doubling as a suave corporate type during the day and comic beast at night. See the point about him being a bad boy? We don’t either.

Syed Muhammad Kumail

That Uncle/That Crazy Uncle

Like we said; here, at LOL Waalay, we are a family. And every family has that one uncle who hangs out with the kids once in a while, cracking jokes, telling old tales (a thousand times), and listening to classical raag at deafening levels. That’s our Kumail, or as we lovingly call him, Mamoo. Mamoo is an engineer by education, teacher by profession and comedian out of compulsion. Sometimes he mixes the three up. He is also a prolific stage actor (Nida Butt’s East is East, The Office 1 & 2) and outstanding stand-up comedian, in addition to being the present Artistic Director (read, protective parent) of the troupe.

Zubair Tariq

Mr. No-Opinion

Some argue that procrastination and laziness are signs of unbounded creativity. We argue in favour of those people, because Zubair has established himself on all three fronts. An introverted writer in real life, and a maniac on stage, he hails from a theater background (Nida Butt’s Grease, East is East, and The Office 1 & 2) and recently finished co-writing a screenplay. Also having a number of TV appearances to his name, Zubair sometimes likes to quietly stare at corners. Nobody is allowed to disturb him then. Oh and did we mention he plays swell guitar?

Date: Thursday, 18th October 2018

Time: 08:00PM – 09:00PM

Place: Faraar Gallery, T2F

Entry: Rs.300/- (Available at Venue)