June 2016

[Express Tribune] Female comedians roast taboos associated in stand-up act Auratnaak

[Geo News] Taking reins, Karachi women prove comedy shows are not men’s domain alone

[Samaa TV] Karachi roads named after Sabeen Mahmud, Perveen Rehman

[Express Tribune] Resolving inner turmoil: Using poetry to heal emotional conflicts


May 2016

[Newsweek] Funny Girls

[Express Tribune] Paish-e-Lafz festival: Delving into the world of cricket

[Express Tribune] Local comedians play the Trump card


April 2016

[Images Dawn Magazine] At the Aks festival, the stories of Pakistan’s transgender community get heard

[Images Dawn Magazine] What is the Creative Karachi Festival? You asked, we answered

[Dawn News] Sabeen’s gift to Karachi

[Dunya TV] One year after her death, Sabeen’s mission lives on

[Express Tribune] A picture is worth a thousand words

[Express Tribune] Experiencing Karachi through four different lens

[The News] Karachi honours Sabeen the way she would’ve wanted

[Pakistan Press Foundation] Creative festival ends on high note

[Youlin Magazine] Creative Karachi Festival 2016 – A Tribute to the Vision of Sabeen Mahmud

March 2016

[Express Tribune] Talking Partition, Punjabi folklore


February 2016


[The Nation] Comedy Scene organizes unforgettable evening at T2F

[Express Tribune] Happy memories: Exploring the joys of toys

[Express Tribune] Unfolding tales: Dr Shershah Syed dissects society’s ills in new book

[Dawn News] Karachi Biennale planned to put Pakistan art scene on international map



January 2016

[Express Tribune] NaNo WriMo: Writing retreat

[Express Tribune] In memoriam: A Rebel Angel remembered

[Pitch Fork] Searching for an Underground Generation in Karachi, Pakistan


December 2015

[PotDrum] Poster for Tomorrow: An Exhibition of 100 best posters on Right to Healthcare

[Images Dawn Magazine] Sabeen Mahmud named one of 100 Leading Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy

[Express Tribune] Travel photographer Danial Shah exhibits the ‘other side’ of Pakistan

[Express Tribune] Indian comic Sanjay Rajoura enthralls Pakistani audiences

[Express Tribune] Art for change: 100 posters to make you think about healthcare


November 2015

[Dawn News] ‘Writings of Manto, Krishan have become more relevant than ever’

[Images Dawn Magazine] Thank God, it’s Friday: ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival screened at T2F

[Dawn News] ‘Poets share same human legacy’


October 2015

[Dawn News] T2F relaunches Farar Gallery for aspirant artists

[Images Dawn Magazine] K-Eclectic takes Karachiites back to the swinging ’60s

[Images Dawn Magazine] Itching to write a novel? NaNoWriMo just might get you started


September 2015

[Dawn News] Sabeen’s T2F gets Prince Claus award

[Express Tribune] T2F nominated for Dutch human rights award

[Dawn News] PeaceNiche shortlisted for top human rights award