May 2017

[The Express Tribune] Outsiders in the art world: Three emerging artists display work at Faraar Gallery

April 2017

[The News] All the world’s an ‘Investigation Cell’

[Khaleej Times] T2F offers a buzzing community for open dialogue in Karachi

[Dawn News] Qawwali and the love of divine

Peaceniche / T2F Receives Prince Claus Fund Award in karachi 


March 2017

[Express Tribune] A journey from childhood via digital collages

[Express Tribune] T2F launches bookstore for reading enthusiasts

[Dawn News] T2F launches book store, hopes to revive Karachi’s dwindling book business

[The News] T2F’s bookstore — an effort to lure people back into reading

[Dawn News] Monument Valley under way at T2F



January 2017

[Dawn News] Making science fun

December 2016

[The News Magazine] Laloo Lal Dot Com Addresses Gender Stereotypes

November 2016

[Express Tribune] Speakers urge citizens to save Shikarpur’s heritage

[The Nation] Why Pakistan’s fashion industry needs to be socially responsible

[Express Tribune] ‘Qaaf se Qanoon’ advocates legal education

October 2016

[Baaghi] South Asian Human Rights Award given to Sabeen Mahmud

[Dawn News] Sabeen Mahmud given South Asian human rights award

[Ary News] ‘Yeh Hai Karachi’ movement captures creative genius of the city youth

[Dawn News] ‘A public space brings people together to engage in critical debate’


September 2016

[Express Tribune] Sabeen Mahmud’s The Second Floor wins prestigious Dutch award

[Dawn News] Sabeen’s T2F gets Prince Claus award

[Express Tribune] T2F takes literati on ride of a lifetime

[Liberty] Human Rights Awards 2015: Liberty recognises fearless activists at the forefront of the battle for our rights

[Newsline Magazine] Railway Stories by Zambeel

[Asia Europe Foundation] 7 Case studies on Arts Management in South Asia



August 2016

[The National] Album review: Nawksh, electronic experimentalism from Pakistan

[The News] Remembering Jaun Elia

[Express Tribune] Why women aren’t funny in Pakistan

[Express Tribune] Decoding liberalism through Alexis de Tocquevi

[Innovations Journal] How A Social Movement Survives The Loss Of Its Leader

[Dawn News] The May-December conundrum

[Newsline Magazine] Theatre Review: Two Short Plays at T2F


July 2016

[Express Tribune] Meet the Delhi artist who is bringing Faiz, Ghalib, Juan Elia back

[The News International] ‘Women are guilty until their innocence is proven’

[Herald] The beating pulse of Indie music in metropolitan Pakistan