“Be there in 2 minutes” — Images of Karachi by Ali Rez

Exhibition Opening: Friday 14th Jan 2011 | 7:00 pm

Ali has been procrastinating on moving back to Karachi for a decade, finally doing so late last year. Here is a collection of 20 images he has captured through his numerous visits home to his favourite city over the last few years. Like Karachi, these images are at times colorful, at times bleak; sometimes beautiful, other times ugly. An advertising professional, Ali has had his photography recognized in several publications.

Be There in 2 Minutes

This photography exhibition is part of T2F’s “KHI – Celebrating the City” series

Dates: 14th January – 20th January and 24th January – 31st January
Opening Day Time: 7:00 pm
Gallery Hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm daily
Venue: Faraar @ T2F 2.0
Address | Map

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