The T2F App is a convergence of T2F’s physical space with a virtual one, and has been designed to digitize the open dialogue that usually takes place on-ground inside our community space. You can now engage in such dialogue through this virtual platform for social change by receiving updates about our upcoming programs, events, and workshops; forging conversations and community alliances through user friendly chat options with audiences attending the same events as you; as well as initiating your own projects born out of the digital collaborations vis-à-vis the app and pitching them to the T2F team!

Use the T2F App to:

  1. Be notified and receive constant reminders regarding T2F’s upcoming events, projects and initiatives. Sign up for upcoming events and register for our stream of programs and workshops!
  2. Are you an emerging artist? Want to learn more about the art community? Chat with our pool of artists, writers, musicians, and other civil society actors, through chat options created around the events taking place.

    3. Want to hang out with artists from your own field? Create your profile through creative tools such as fields of interest, and expand your social group based on your interests, and the events attended! Chat with other audience members through chat options created around the events attended, and forge community alliances!

    4. Initiate new projects by sending proposal vis-à-vis the app to the T2F team and sustained a cycle of shared economy and collaboration!

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