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PeaceNiche and T2F

Saturday, April 25th, 2009


tiedyebird.jpgTo All Our Supporters

After 8 1/2 months of blood, sweat, and a lot of tears, we’re finally coming back to life. Tuesday, 22nd December 2009 marks the rebirth of T2F. Version 2.0 is now officially in beta testing and we look forward to your continued support. Thank you for believing in us.

PeaceNiche, a not-for-profit NGO, is committed to becoming a vibrant centre of Pakistan’s developing civil society. PeaceNiche is a social entrepreneurship project that blends the best of business practice with the non-profit urge to make meaning rather than focusing purely on the bottom line.

T2F, formerly “The Second Floor” is the first project of PeaceNiche. A community space for open dialogue, T2F provides citizens with a platform for social change through rich cultural activities, public discourse, and advocacy using progressive ideas and the new media. T2F also features a bookshop and coffeehouse.

Coffeehouse tradition is all about sparking conversations – and we’re passionate about providing a platform for people to engage with each other. Through regular events such as poetry readings, book signings, workshops, talks, debates, film screenings, unplugged music sessions, and stand-up comedy, we hope to get people to think, question, and take action.

The Long and Winding Road to T2F 2.0
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T2F Presents Tina Sani – Live in Concert at Indus Valley School

Sunday, April 5th, 2009


Har Taan Hae Deepak

The inimitable Tina Sani invites you to an evening of eastern music, in support of PeaceNiche and T2F.

Message from TinaDate: 17th April 2009
Time: 9:00 pm
Venue: Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture [Map]
Phone: 0300-823-0276
Tickets: Rs. 1,000 per person
Available at Agha’s Supermarket, Nando’s (Clifton), Espresso (Kh-e-Shahbaz), Indus Valley School &
Naheed Store

Since you’re bound to get hungry at some point, Nando’s will be standing by to feed you. Buy lots of food from them as they are graciously donating 50% of their proceeds to T2F. They’re also throwing in a free Rs. 200 dine-in voucher with every meal. Thank you Nando’s 🙂

This event is part of the T2F: Renaissance Fundraising Series. For more information about our work, please explore our website. We are grateful to Jang Group, Geo Television Network, Radio 1 FM 91, Nando’s and IVS for their support.

Schedule of T2F Events at the Shanaakht Festival 2009

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Dawn Report | Dawn Editorial

We will try to take some of these events on the road or hold them at T2F v2.0 when it is ready.

Wednesday April 8

t2fatshanaakht.gif7:00 pm
The Elephant in the Subcontinent: Conversations in India and Pakistan featuring Ethan Casey

Thursday April 9

7:00 pm
Sheereenié Guftar: A selection of prose and poetry that highlights the sweetness of the Urdu language, presented by Irfan Sattar

7:45 pm
Unforgettable Cricket Memories: A slideshow of rare images presented by Iqbal Munir and Saad Shafqat

Friday April 10

7:00 pm
Pakistani Poetry Over the Years, curated and presented by Asif Farrukhi and Zaheer Kidvai

Saturday April 11

3:00 pm

A Novel Experience: Readings and Conversation with the Shades of Prey team.
A Novel Experience is a collaborative writing project designed to energize and mentor young writers.

7:00 pm
One Man Theater Performance of Necropolis by Indian Theater Activist, Parnab Mukherjee

About Necropolis
Necropolis is a riveting photo-performance that provokes, angers, saddens and mesmerises …

Two men meet on the street. They have to make a deal. Or rather they want to make a deal. One has something to sell and the other needs something to buy. The Dealer is unsure what to peddle or whether he wants to peddle anything in the first place. The Client knows what he has to buy but does not know exactly how to. A cat and mouse game begins between these nameless, faceless, shapeshifters who have to make a transaction which they are not sure why they would make.

8:00 pm
Readings and Conversation with Nadeem Aslam, Author of Maps for Lost Lovers

Sunday April 12

12:00 Noon
Personal Histories: Mrs Zeerak Raziuddin and Professor Manzoor Zaidi

Mrs Zeerak Raziuddin
Daughter of the fabled Dr Ashraf ul Haq of Hyderabad, she was the niece of Shahid Ahmad Dehlavi and played in the lap of Josh as a child. She was one of the first women to drive a car in Karachi, open a boutique, run a business and make a film.

Professor Manzoor Zaidi
One of the leading physicians in the city, Dr. Zaidi headed the Radiotherapy unit at the JPMC. As a young medical student, he vividly recalls the September 47 riots in Karachi and the transition from Delhi.

3:00 pm

A Novel Experience: Readings and Conversation with the Shades of Prey team.
A Novel Experience is a collaborative writing project designed to energize and mentor young writers.

6:00 pm
Mushaera featuring leading Urdu poets from Karachi

On All Days

Mauj, a collective that uses open technology for art, culture and empowerment, will interpret the theme of identity in different projects using helium balloons, a collaborative cellphone photo project with Amsterdam called City Ragas, sounds of Karachi bus conductors and more …

Art Activities for School Children

Thank you CAP for providing T2F with a space at the Karachi Arts Council from the 8th – 12th of April 2009.

Here’s To New Beginnings!

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

On 1st April 2009, we kissed T2F 1.0 goodbye. It wasn’t easy and yes, we cried. Whitewashing Asim’s mural, “Class”, was particularly painful as it’s the one thing we can’t take with us – but stay tuned for mugs, posters, and postcards 🙂

Props to all of you who made this tiny space come alive with amazing energy and warmth.

Last Day at T2F 1.0
Make what you will of this image 😀

T2F 2.0 is under construction and is located off Sunset Boulevard, in DHA Phase 2 Extension. We hope to be up and running by June 2009, if all goes well.

Meanwhile, we will be at The Shanaakht Festival at Karachi Arts Council from 8th -12th April 2009. Next up is Har Taan Hae Deepak, featuring Tina Sani, Live in Concert at Indus Valley School on 17th April 2009. This is a fundraiser for T2F and we need your support to raise money for our shift. Please buy tickets in droves!

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